April 7th, 2015. Learning from accurate history.

Is the American central government an accurate representation of what is in the hearts of most adult Americans? No. So why do we speak of “Iran” without differentiating between the Iranian people and the Iranian government? I have several Iranian friends who live there. They are certainly no threat to me or my country, nor am I a threat to them,, but here we go letting our govt and our media run the international show, and allowing them to limit the actual dialogue. I’d love to start a petition for citizens in both Iran and the U.S. . a non aggression petition,, a petition for seeking more actual diplomacy and understanding between our citizens. Governments, corrupted as they are, lead nations into war,, not citizens. Citizens awake,, before your govt leads your young into another totally unnecessary conflict. You are debating a piece of paper between two governments,,,, the time would be more wisely spent creating a dialogue between the peace loving citizens of America, and the peace loving citizens in Iran. When the wise and fair citizens in American and other countries regain control of their central federal governments this world will have a real solid chance for peace. Until then, we are just watching a very bad show,, I wish I could just change the channel. We should surely be listening to the millions of vets who have returned home from our most recent occupations, and listen intently to what they have to say to us about the folly of war. Instead of having these conversations heard in small group workshops in  VA rooms, we should have a television channel where these vets could tell our country, and the world, about what war is really like, and what it really does, and how it affects the men and women who participate in it. We see the chaos that we have left behind in Iraq and Afghanistan, (well, we see it if we seek it out on the internet at reliable sites,, not in mainstream media,),, and still the chicken hawks in D.C. keep rattling their sabers for more military activities , and do all they can to send even more weapons into the least understood and most volatile region in the world.  These billions and billions of dollars worth of weapons will not rot or disappear,, they will fall into the hands of the men who are most desperate to hold them. The same exact thing happened in Vietnam. We bulldozed hamlets of the peasants, and then gave them American weapons with which to fight the communists. Of course the peasants just handed the weapons over to the communists ! Duh ! The Pulitzer Prize winning author, and the man who first published the Pentagon Papers, Neil Sheehan wrote in his book, “The Bright Shining Lie, John Paul Vann And America in Vietnam” this most appropriate  part on pages 312 and 313 of the 861 page book;  “What was happening to the American arms illustrated a social truism that tends to confound an imperial power intervening in the affairs of a smaller nation: resources put into a society at odds with itself do not necessarily benefit the intended recipient, but rather end up aiding the faction best organized to profit by them.”(page 313.) As our universities continue to be infected by the vast monies coming in from our Pentagon, and so many departments are staffed by retiring neo con generals who have been financed for years by the mil/ind complex, history,, real history, such as what really happened in Vietnam, and Iraq, and Afghanistan, will be ignored. We as a nation are ignoring history, and almost half of our total exports are military related items, and we should not be surprised at all when a group like ISIS rolls on quite successfully, armed to the teeth. Of course, this would be a shock to any senator or congressman who has never studied history, as it would be to a population that has failed to learn from its own history. Ignorance does not lead to bliss,, it leads to more chaos. We are seeing that chaos today, and sadly, the ignorance as well. Visit matthewhoh.com to read from a most intelligent veteran of these recent conflicts. And please, stimulate discussions in your part of the world.

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Diplomacy ? Huh ?

I guess I’d better plan to brush up on my American history soon, because I could swear, that once upon a time, our State Department actually practiced the fine art of diplomacy. Nothing I see our State Department doing now seems like diplomacy. Certainly using 15,000 privately hired mercenaries to protect the $800,000,000 embassy in Baghdad doesn’t seem like the art of diplomacy. Defined;
“Diplomacy is the art and practice of conducting negotiations between representatives of groups or states. It usually refers to international diplomacy, the conduct of international relations through the intercession of professional diplomats with regard to issues of peace-making, trade, war, economics, culture, environment and human rights. International treaties are usually negotiated by diplomats prior to endorsement by national politicians. In an informal or social sense, diplomacy is the employment of tact to gain strategic advantage or to find mutually acceptable solutions to a common challenge, one set of tools being the phrasing of statements in a non-confrontational, or polite manner.”

    • Does anything about Hillary Clinton remind you of anything diplomatic ? How about her comments about what just happened to Ghaddaffi ? “We came, we saw, we kicked his ass.” How about when she talks about Iran ? Anything even faintly resembling diplomacy there ? Do we see anything resembling ” a non-confrontational, or polite manner?”

      The way I see our State Department now working is like this,,,,,,”Okay, here it is,, do it exactly like we say we want it to go, or you will be bombed, invaded, and occupied. End of negotiations.”

      Am I the only one that sees it this way? Looking back in my lifetime, I’m having a very difficult time remembering any American diplomats that seemed like real conflict avoiders. And if you think Hillary is a woman who likes to avoid conflict, well,, I’ve got some ocean front property in Tennessee I’d like to sell you real cheap .

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Where does the “crooked” begin ?

Hey Dick,
Indeed, I did read it and thought it was exceptional,, especially this part;
“”Muslims do not hate our freedom, but rather they hate our policies. The overwhelming majority voice their objections to what they see as one-sided support in favor of Israel and against Palestinian rights, and the long-standing, even increasing, support for what Muslims collectively see as tyrannies, most notably Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Pakistan and the Gulf states. Thus, when American public diplomacy talks about bringing democracy to Islamic societies, this is seen as no more than self-serving hypocrisy.”
The report concludes: “No public relations campaign can save America from flawed policies.” (Christian Science Monitor, November 29, 2004)
The Pentagon released the study after the New York Times ran a story about it on November 24, 2004. The Times reported that although the board’s report does not constitute official government policy, it captures “the essential themes of a debate that is now roiling not just the Defense Department but the entire United States government.”
Yes, it was a great article, and I especially liked it because it was slightly hopeful,, admitting that more than a few folks in the Washington “Loop” know what is really going on,,,,,, that our federal government really has been hijacked by the mil/ind/cong complex.
You know how very depressed I have been about the blind faith/America is right/ the experts MUST know what they are doing/ mentality that we have all seen in the last ten years,, and especially the shallow lack of any intelligent debate about our foreign policies designed primarily with one main purpose; to create a climate of international chaos that will continue to create demand for more military products and services.
Hijacked is the word. And the ironic part is that it is the federal government who is acting as the hijacker.
I have seen reports that state that there are 23 million folks on our federal payroll, and that the average salary is more than $100,000 a year. Hmmm. Seems like a pretty powerful entity there don’t it Bucky ??
Figure 23 million as a voting block,, then add a couple of family members and a few friends to that, and then how big is that voting block ? Huge . Really big. Largo excesso. Doing everything they can to protect their own job and their own income, these federal employees dare not blow any sort of whistle on their own department.
Then, of course , add on top of that a media circus of “infotainment news” that is corporately controlled by a handful of the most powerful men in the world, one of them also the largest single military supplier,( General Electric), and you have a Fourth Estate that has effectively been almost silenced.
Now, take that formula for successful control, and top it off with a federal department of education to make certain that no real educational reform will take place to have any chance to develop critical thinking abilities in our public school students,( but will certainly allow the continued meddling and influence of the mil/industrial fellows and military recruiters into our schools),, then add to that the BILLIONS AND BILLIONS that our Defense Dept and Pentagon pump into our colleges and universities every year, ( in 2008 alone the federal govt dumped more than $600 million into M.I.T. alone !!),, and you begin to see a picture developing that even Hitler himself would envy.
The federal government that was initially created to SERVE the citizens of our nation, has now become an entity that is just as complicit as any driver of a bank robber’s getaway car in CONTROLLING our citizens,,, and dat’s a fact Jack !
So,,, where do we go from here ?
Well, we could follow along with the typically federal government approach to the problem.
That would mean funding a study group to write a report,, creating one more, or two more federal bureaucracies to analyze the report,, have a few experts read the expensive reports to a few elected officials wearing nice suits, acting as members of some senate sub-committee, while the C-SPAN cameras roll on making it appear all so above board and proper,, and then have those elected officials ask a few silly questions of the experts,, and then slam a gavel and adjourn for coffee and cake.
But isn’t this like asking the rat to guard the cheese ?
Isn’t this just like asking a crooked police chief to investigate his own police department ?
Yep, that’s exactly what it is.
All of these fellows are working for the same team,, the same company,, the same “corporation.”
And that “corporation” is the federal government of the United States of America. They are all on the same payroll, they are all employees,, even the federal judges who sit on the bench and somehow come to the conclusion that those giant corporations who are already controlling almost every elected representative, have the right to contribute to political campaigns and causes just as any single citizen might. All of a sudden the corporation can compete with the average citizen on the battlefield of politics on “equal” terms . That corporation can buy ads, and make contributions, and pay writers, and buy lobbyists, and on and on, and on down the line,, guaranteeing the control of most of our “democratic” system.
Now, as if this were not enough to buy the control and cooperation of almost every member of our society,, let’s add to this glorious mix a federal entitlement program and a support system of “disability” payment providers, and medical support payment providers to the already outrageously expensive and overpriced medical and pharmaceutical industries to act as sort of a cherry on top.
Now some of us get dependent on that federal “Daddy.” Gramma is on Social Security,, Grampa is on Medicaid, and how in the world could they afford all those outrageously expensive medications without these federal programs? ( Well, I guess I shouldn’t mention that these same medicines are available in Mexico, Canada and England for peanuts.)
And there you have it.
We are forced by our tax men to continue to pay into a federal government that is controlled by the giant corporations, who in turn control the federal government “corporation.”
Is it all bad? No, certainly not.
Some of the federal services are worthy of praise, and some are indeed of value.
But here is the real problem.
We, as citizens, have lost all control.
We have lost all control of where our nation goes in the world, and what it does when it gets there.
Most of us, as casual and friendly American citizens, would never consider going down the street with an automatic weapon and a satchel of grenades to our local grocery store and robbing and looting the place, and killing a few innocent people in the process.
That would be fucking crazy !
But not many of us mind too much if a few brigades of armed soldiers go off to live in some distant land and shoot it up. We don’t seem to mind if a few billion dollars worth of predator drones bomb this piss out of some skinny Afghan chap trying to take a crap behind a big rock on a hill . We say,”Gee, what a shame,” when we hear a report of an Afghan wedding party being blown to pieces by a two thousand pound bomb. ” “Golly,,” we say,, “Sure wish I could do something about that,, it just seems so very wrong.”
And then we listen.
Are any of our neighbors talking about it ?
Is it being discussed on the television? Radio ?
Are we even discussing it with our family members ?
Is it ever mentioned in a classroom,, an AA meeting, or in church ?
I know what I’ll do.
I’ll write a letter ! Oh heck,, I’ll write several !
I’ll write my senator. I’ll write my representatives !
Surely they will read it and come to their senses !
You might as well write a short letter to your neighborhood crack dealer telling him about his failed moral state. He’s in it for the money. That is the way his world works. That is the way he pays his bills.
Same thing in Washington. They are hooked.
For many of them it started in law school.
That’s where they were taught that they were just a little smarter, and just a little more clever than the rest of us. They could read and practice “The Law.”
They graduated,, bought a couple of nice suits,, and started visiting their local courthouse, and that is where they first learned how the system really works.
Where I now live, there are about 44,000 cases each year that head to our county courthouse to be resolved.
This is one county ! Hello ??!
Think there are more than a few deals being made there every single day ?
Client number one has a lot of money. He hires the big money attorney.
His son, a good old boy, a sophomore at Clemson ,got stopped by the police for driving drunk, and the police found six grams of cocaine under the front seat of his car.
Looks like a jury trial to me ! Oh yeah baby,, a jury trial.
But with 44,000 cases coming into the courthouse,, there cannot be a jury trial for all the defendants.
And so it begins. Favors are requested,, they go through the proper channels,, and some money is exchanged.
Meanwhile the poor black fellow who got stopped on the same night in the same county who had .04 grams of cocaine in his pocket does not get a request for a jury trial, because he cannot give his public defender the $8000 needed to grease the machinery. Rich boy gets his allowance cut so he can’t afford his cocaine and community service and probation. Poor black kid gets six years in our state prison system.
My point?
The corruption does not begin in Washington D.C. It begins in your local community.
It spreads to Washington, D.C. .
Well enough of this shit for one morning. I’m off to hit tennis balls with my good friend Lee Edge.
We’re gonna hit a few thousand balls back and forth,, and I’m not gonna let my mind wander to any of this depressing shit. Not for one moment.
I’m gonna feel this wonderful sunshine on the top of my head,,, I’m gonna watch those balls,, I’m gonna anticipate every ball coming off his Racquet and back up or move forward just a little bit, and swing as smoothly as possible and try to put that ball exactly where I want it to go.
I’m not gonna think about one fucking thing except for that tennis ball and what I want to make it do, and where I want to make it travel.
My little escape. My meditation time. A quiet space for my mind to sit and relax.
Better for me mentally than sleep. No wars, no crooked cops,, no attorneys,, no politicians,, no dim reporters,, no entertainment news,, no Hollywood gossip,, no preachers asking me to send them money so that they can send it on to God,,,,, just tennis balls.
My little piece of Heaven,, right here on Earth.
Cheers,, and peace,

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greetings fellow thinkers ,,

The book I keep talking about to all my friends is “The Complex” by author and investigative reporter Nick Turse. Anyone interested in learning the real scope and influence of our mil/ind complex need look no further for a thorough review of our predicament. In 2008 almost 1/2 of our total exports were military related items,,,,,(our total exports were 1.41 trillion, and mil related items were 696 billion.) These mil related producers and suppliers employ workers in every state, and they are making substantial profits by making all the stuff needed to continue our occupations. To enable our soldiers to occupy Afghanistan our federal government pays huge amounts of money to truck in supplies, and in turn, these truckers pay enormous sums to buy protection, and this money goes to our enemies so they can buy more weapons to use against us. It is just one big foolish circle,, war for the sake of profits that are made for a few, at the expense of the brave and naive troops who are the macho actors on the ground. Add to this irrational mix the drones who are operated over Afghanistan from chairs in Nevada, that drop large very nasty bombs on unsuspecting and oftentimes, very innocent civilians,, and there you have it; unnecessary and illogical occupations for the sake of profits for a few, at the expense of our soldiers and taxpayers. This is the case, these are the facts, it just does not get any more simple than this. Now, add to this, the reality of more than 90% of the world’s heroin supply coming out of Afghanistan, and add to this the fact that our troops are ordered not to interfere at all with some selected heroin manufacturers,  and add to this the fact that tankers full of the precursor chemicals needed for the production of heroin are still rolling quite freely into Afghanistan, and then you get a little more of a complete picture of the charade that is going on in Afghanistan. There are massive profits in making war, at the expense of the taxpayer, and there are massive profits from heroin, at the expense of all of us, and the profits go to the various “intelligence” communities who control the flow, and who launder the money. Do you think I am making all of this up ? Read Alfred McCoy’s “The Politics of Heroin” and welcome yourself into the 21st century of reality based awareness. I’ll be in D.C. on October 6th just to be a part of the people who know our federal government has been out of touch , and out of the control of the good and decent Americans who make up America “the Country”. Our federal government, which is our “nation state” has been under the tight control of our military/industrial complex for a long while now, and as absurd as it may sound to many of us, our foreign policies are driven by plans and policies designed to maximize profits for that “complex” , and not designed to promote intelligent and peaceful solutions to the injustices of this world. Our federal government promotes chaos and disorder to guarantee the demands for the “complex” which profits everyday from those illogical and unnecessary occupations. Just like the fact that in every county courthouse in America we know that a drunk driver who can afford the most expensive DUI attorney will never be convicted, and we turn away from that fact, even though we know it indicates how corrupt our local system is . In the same way, most of us turn away from the fact that our federal government is also so very corrupt and controlled by the highest corporate bidder. The illusions that these masters of manipulation like to generate is that it is the democrats against the republicans, the liberals against the conservatives, when in fact this is not the case at all. The real struggle as I see it now, is for the truth to be able to be revealed about all these shenanigans, and for the kind and decent people who make up America, the country,,, to regain control from the American central/federal government, that answers to no real Americans,,,; it is America the “nation state” that only replies and reports to her masters. Or perhaps I am just totally wrong, and the world just loves a crook and a liar,, and that is just the way it is, and I’d better just shut up and fall back in line and keep my mouth shut,, just like most of the folks who are trying to pass themselves off as real journalists in 2011 . Where’s my coffee and my cigarettes ? No wonder I still smoke. September 29th, 2011 . Myrtle Beach .

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